Weblogs, Inc. needs two more sales people (but please, only people with a passion for blogging)

We’re looking for another two sales folks here at Weblogs, Inc. to help us reinvent publishing and marketing. OK, well, maybe that’s a little over the top. Basically we want to sell ads and work with leading advertisers to do really innovative things like our Volvo podcast, our adver-posts (advertisements in the style of a blog posts), and our Focus Ads program where users can write comments under an advertisement.

We’re looking for old-school folks who have five to ten year experience. People who worked in the field back in 96-99 era and really understand what interactive advertising/marketing is all about. Folks who get it, have a nice rolodex, and who know the major players. We try to sell solutions, not impressions if you catch my drift. 80% of our advertisers right now have advertised with us beforethat says it all. We’re about long term partnerships that are constantly evolving and innovating.

Other notes: we don’t have offices and probably won’t for some time to come (heck, I hope we never do). We are a virtual company. There are no office hours or red tape. Basically we need folks who are self motivated and can just go for it people who don’t ask for permission, but who communicate with the rest of the team constantly.

If you’re just looking to pay the rent please don’t email me. This isn’t a job for any of us, it’s a mission. We all believe in the power of blogging to change the world and give a voice to citizens. If that doesn’t get you really jazzed up and ready to work like crazy to make it happen then you’re not the right person. Brian, Shawn, Peter, Judith, and the rest of the team here are very, very, motivated and driven folks. If you’re not passionate about blogs you won’t last long here. If you’re are passionate about blogging you’ll have the time of your life.

Send an email to sales at weblogsinc dot com and Shawn and I will get it.

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