Working the Technorati 100

My old pal Tristan keeps up his dissection of the Technorati 100 list:

In this post he compares Google and Technorati links. Very interesting stuff.

Technorati is not perfect, but it’s all we got right now.

Clearly the #1 way to race up the charts is to use Technorati for trackbacks like we started doing and boingboing pioneered like a year ago (I think anyone know when they started). Boingboing’s numbers when through the roof when they added Technorati Trackbacks which makes total sense. By letting folks get something back (secondary traffic and their voice being heard) BB gets the secondary benefit of their numbers going up. Maybe 1-4% of BB traffic clicks to see who’s linking which means just by linking to Engadget or Boingboing you are going to get a couple of dozen or hundred people linking to your site. Now, Boingboing would probably be number one anyway because a) they rule and b) their content is funny/unique/clever/sexy which is the best way to get a link (people love to link to odd/funny).

In fact, if you were to do something like link to the last 100 stories on Engadget, like I’m doing below, you would get a ton of traffic. I’ll check me referrer logs for this post and report back. 🙂

Thermaltake fanboys

In case you missed any of them, some highlights from the past seven days of Engadget:





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