Random thoughts on on traffic, the Star System, and the difference between bloggers and top commentators.

Alexa is flawed in terms of getting an exact idea of a blogs traffic as we all know, but it does show pretty decent historical trends. Here are the rankings for our media swarm of blogs which currently includes TVSquad, Cinematical, and AdJab. Advertising isof coursea niche blog when compared to TV and movies, but it is still moving up of late thanks to some great leadership from Tom Biro and the addition a second and third blogger on the site.

alexa rating for TVSquad

The really interesting thing about AdJab for me comes when I see the list of contriutors notice how many of them have active links on their names. It turns out 11 of the 20 folks on AdJab have chosen to link to their own blog (the others might have blogs and forgot or chose not to link to

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