Not a lot of Technorati gaming/spam on trackbacks… I’m shocked!

Well, we are in week two of our “Linking Blogs” test here at Weblogs, Inc. I’m really shocked that people have not figured out that if they link to a site like Engadget, Autoblog, Joystiq, or here that they will get a bunch of secondary traffic from people who click on the “Linking Blogs” link below. For example, a good % of folks who read an Engadget post will click on the Linking Blogs link go to Technorati and open up every single link to a post (probably like me they open them in a new tab in Firefox with a right mouse click).

We’re going to either add Feedster next week, or replace Technorati with Feedster, so we can see which service provides a) faster service (technorati is still down a whole lot) and b) better results. Your feedback is welcome.

best j

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