Exporting GMAIL contacts (or “Are you trying to lock me in… cause that is sooooo not Google style.”)

So, I’ve been loving GMAIL for a couple of months now. However, there are two things I really hate:

1. No delete button.
2. No export contacts support (or synch contacts).

I get a lot of inbound email and I like to upload those contacts to LinkedIn every couple of months so I can figure out which of my contacts are in there. However, as best I can tell (and I could be wrong here) the only way to get your contacts out of GMAIL is to cut and paste the “All Contacts” sheet. That is so broke I mean, how much work would it take for Google to put a “Save .CSV or Excel” file link? You could write that code in like two seconds.

When you leave out something so simple it makes people wonder if you have some “evil” reason to do this (i.e. lockin). Come on Google, you’re the best! We love you, we know you’re the best at email and search. You don’t have to play games with the GMAIL interface be confident in your service and give me the ability to export my contacts, synch my contacts, and export my email (I haven’t found a way to do this either maybe it is buried somewhere).

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