EVDO Seattle – Wow.. this is the fastest I think I’ve ever had.

I’m waiting to get on my SAS flight with Wifi (w00t! w00t!), but in the mean time I’m rocking out on my EVDO and I’m gettingwait for itT1 speed!

Crazy EVDO is gonna change everything. I think I might buy Verizon Wireless stock based on this product. In January I was the only person I knew with it. A couple of months later I saw one person at a conference with it. At the last conference I was at five people had it. People are learning that paying for wifi at hotels, airports, etc. is a rip off and for $80 a month you can get EVDO that works in every major city. If I didn’t have a home network to think about I could live on this thing!

Stats below.

evdo seattle

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