CalacanisCast7: Planecasting John Battelle’s new Advertising Network

Got a chance to catch up with my pal John Battelle who gave a kickass keynote at OMMA West yesterday. I nodded my head through the entire thing it was like listening to a tape of myself talking about Weblogs, Inc!

Now, it’s not exactly Weblogs, Inc. or Gawker. It’s more like a content-driven version of BlogAds, but knowing Battelle where he starts will not be where he finishes. The company basically represents blogs on a non-exclusive basis which is boldvery blog. John’s confident he can make it work and I have to agree with him. Selling bundles of medium size sites is a great idea, heck maybe we’ll let him sell in to our sites (provided he would have us!).

Anyway, I get into what he’s doing, what we’re doing, and what Nick Denton is doing all from 30,000 feet. Sorry about the jet engine noise.

What is Podcasting?/How does it work?
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