CalacanisCast6: “The Treadmill cast”

I used my iTalk to do my podcast from the treadmill and during my dog walk today. Sounds OK, not great.

Topics include thoughts on Apple giving away their OS for free in order to convert Intel users (I know that’s not today’s annoucement), pubishing in China, and “what’s on the plate.”

What is Podcasting?/How does it work?
If you’re new to podcasting the concept is simple: you subscribe to my RSS feed and my show (in mp3 format) is automatically added to your iTunes/WindowsMediaPlayer and/or your ipod/other Mp3 player. You can set this up by first downloading a really cool piece of OpenSource/free software called iPodder here: Then you add my Feed (aka RSS) to iPodder (you can cut and paste that link into ipodder by right mouse clicking on it):

Once you’ve added my feed to ipodder the software will check my RSS feed for changes every now and then. When it does find a blog post with an Mp3 file attached (called an enclosure) it will add that file to your iTunes and iPod (or other software/players). You don’t need to have a player of course, you can just have iPodder drop the mp3 file to your hard drive.

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