Apple’s next move: Make their Operating System free (or DimestoreSteve Analysis)

My bet: Apple’s gonna make their OS free, or at least a free light version of the OS.

Clearly that’s the next big move for Apple. Make the OS free, convert 2-10% of the desktops out there to Mac and make it back on value added services like iTunes, software, and .Mac storage/email. Plus, when folks get addicted to the OS they will crave the slick hardware and the experience of going to the Apple store.

Update: TUAW responded, and so did Om. I responded on Om’s blog with a deeper Dimestore Steve Analysis:


Thanks for the link and thoughts I know today is only Apple running on Intel but I think this is really about dual-boot machines. The iPod was a taste of all Apple had to offer I bought one. The Mac Mini was another taste of what Apple had to offer I bought one.

Now if they let OSX run on any Intel machineseven a light versionwhat would the harm be? They could make it a free light version and then charge $300 for a full version.

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