NCHARGE II from Valence ” just order it, I’ll let you know how it works.

ncharge from valence

I’m heading off to Copenhagen for Reboot7 this week and my SAS/Lufthansa flight has high-speed wifi (yes!), but my IBM Thinkpad T41 laptop tends to last 4-5 hours based on my three batteries. I asked for help with suggestions for laptops that might solve the problem and Richard Baguley pointed me to the NCharge external battery system from Valence. It says it can get 5-10 hours so I bought two bricks which should give me up to 15 hours. Amazon had mixed reviews on the product with some folks saying they got four hours from a five hour brick and others saying they got one hour.

Anyway, for $300 the promise of even five hours would do me just fine. I’ll do a full report on how long the batteries last when I get them FROM THE PLANE!

The other good thing about this product is you use it on your next laptop and add extra bricks like the one above. So, I guess you could bring five of them if you wanted to.

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