How to upgrade the iTalk’s bit rate / I hate how Apple/Tivo cripple their own technology

I just spent like $40 on a Griffin iTalk microphone for my 20GIG 4G iPod and the recording sounds really bad. It turns out the iPod software is only able to record in mono at like 16 bit and 8khz, so it’s not really Griffin’s fault. Now, if you just want to take audio notes that’s fine, but I don’t know if this thing will cut it for podcasting.

The rumor isof coursethat Apple doesn’t want people using their iPods to bootleg concerts (that would cause the iPod to be banned from many places).

We covered this over at HackADay back in the day of course the Podzilla software that lets you pick your bit rateAND NOT EVEN HAVE TO BUY A MICROPHONEdoesn’t support my iPod. So, if I use an old iPod I get better performance for free. Grrrr. I hate how Apple and Tivo constantly dumb down their own technology to placate Hollywood and music business.

I want to use this to create LEGAL podcasts I’m not trying to bootleg anything! I paid a ton of money for your products APPLE why are you punishing me?!?

I’m a couple of mouse clicks away from selling my Ipod and buying a creative Zen or some other device. Oh yeah, I bought must at the Apple store the other day and it’s so locked down I can’t even do what I’m able to do with the CDs I bought in the 80s. Ugh I can’t take it any more!!!

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