CalacanisCast #5: The Untouchables Solution to RSS content theft


Couple of days ago I published my thoughts on people lifting our content via RSS, and I proposed an Elliot Ness-style solution to the problem: get the scrapers tossed out of 3rd party ad networks. This of course set off a bunch of follow up posts: (including a couple of silly headlinesI never said Blackmail! Thanks for trying to get me in trouble with Google):

Calacanis Wants Publishers To Blackmail Google
Calacanis on content theft: dob em in!
More On Combatting Counterfeit Feeds

Call to RSS Publishers: Best Practices for Republishing Syndicated Content
Ripping Off RSS Feeds: RSS Syndication-Display Services Dozen-a-Dime
More software ripping folks off
More on the subject from Read/Write
and Read/Write’s original post

Let me be clear here: I NEVER said BLACKMAIL. At best I’m saying lobby the ad networks so, NickW go easy on the hyperbolic stuff.

Anyway, here is the Untouchables Podcast:

Note: I added some tags and artwork to the mp3 file this time, and I put the bit rate down at 32 so the file is only 5MEG.

What is Podcasting?/How does it work?
If you’re new to podcasting the concept is simple: you subscribe to my RSS feed and my show (in mp3 format) is automatically added to your iTunes/WindowsMediaPlayer and/or your ipod/other Mp3 player. You can set this up by first downloading a really cool piece of OpenSource/free software called iPodder here: Then you add my Feed (aka RSS) to iPodder (you can cut and paste that link into ipodder by right mouse clicking on it):

Once you’ve added my feed to ipodder the software will check my RSS feed for changes every now and then. When it does find a blog post with an Mp3 file attached (called an enclosure) it will add that file to your iTunes and iPod (or other software/players). You don’t need to have a player of course, you can just have iPodder drop the mp3 file to your hard drive.

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