Blogging about Podcasting anyone?


Anyone out there want to blog about podcasting on daily basis? I’m trying to figure out the space (as you can see), and I’ve found the best way to do that is just work with a blogger to blog the heck out the space every day.

If you’re interested send a couple of sample blog posts to me at jason <at> calacanis <dot> com with Podcast in the subject line.

We’ve got like six or seven podcasts going here at Weblogs, Inc. and some sponsorships already right now I’m trying to figure out how we man our podcasts. Should we bring in podcasters to work with our bloggers? Should we just do podcasts independent from the blogs? Should be create a second network for just podcasting? How long should a podcast be? It’s a developing space and although we’ve got amazing traffic to the podcasts at Gadling, Autoblog and Engadget I’m still asking myself “how does this become a business?” When it comes to making a business out of content I’m not used to being stumped so podcasting is really, really getting under my skin.

Clearly the Steve Jobs announcement changes everything, and you know Microsoft is not going to let anyone add any feature without doing it better. So, 100% of the market is going to be podcast enable in 60 days. so, where is the business? I still don’t see it. Advertising in podcasts is going

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