Going back to Copenhagen for Reboot 7

Update: Check out the kids in these photos from Reboot 2! I’m 165 pounds (not 190) in that photo, Justin Hall looks like he is 12 years old, and Veen is rocking out the longer hair.
Update2: Video of Reboot 2 exists somewhere. There are some references to it on the web here.
Update3: Some photos from base camp at Reboot2!

I spoke at the Reboot #2 like six or seven years ago I think it was 1999. It was an amazing conference. All of these great folks including Justin Hall, Jeffrey Veen, Guy Kawasaki, Jonathan Steuer, Harlan Hugh, and Josh Harris speaking in an industrial hall packed with 1,000 people who started drinking at 11AM.

In ten days I’ll be speaking at Reboot #7 in Copenhagen.

It’s gonna be great amazing speakers as always, and it’s a great, great party. If you’re in

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