Amby Baby comes clean?

Amby Baby Hammock

I hate lawyers. I really hate the lawyer for Amby Baby who told me the problems with Amby’s products were totally false. Here is the recap at BloggingBaby. All four Amby baby stories here.

We kept investigating the story with the help of our audience and Amby Baby finally came clean and put out this massive spin page about *potential* problems with their product *potentially* dropping metal shavings into the eyes of babies!

I’m so happy I told this Amby Baby’s lawyer off when he tried to threaten us with legal action for telling the truth and being good citizens. I’d rather be put out of business with legal bill fighting the good fight then lay down like a dog when slimy lawyer LIE about products that *potentially* harm babies.

This story is amazing I’m wondering if the New York Times or WSJ would like to tell the story of bloggers and blog readers doing world class citizen collaborative journalism? If someone wants the exclusive cal me at 310-828-8284.

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