Why the per word rate is not applicable for blogging (and it’s not because I’m cheap)?

My old friend Tristan did a really comprehensivebut flawedjob comparing the per word rate of bloggers and magazine writers. Tristan is a really smart guy, but he got so caught up in building an Excel table that he forgot that writing for a magazine is much, much (much) more work then posting on a blog. Here is my IM conversation with him five minutes ago explaining what he missed.

tnlnyc: FYI: more number crunching 🙂
tnlnyc: http://www.tnl.net/blog/entry/Secrets_of_the_A-List_Bloggers
Jasoncalacanis: fyi: your last number crunching was way off
tnlnyc: really I went through every entry on that day
tnlnyc: what did I miss?

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