Don’t worry Bill, I’ll just call Robert (and Steve… there is still good in you, I can sense it)

So, I was chatting with Bill Gates (huge name drop, I know.. but there is a point coming) at the *amazing* WSJ D Conference on Sunday night. Bill was talking to me about the comments on Engadget’s coverage of the XBox 360 (yes, he reads the comments). Since I only get to speak F2F with Bill every two or three weeks I figured I would tell him about Microsoft sending us some legal letters about a screen shot of some mobile software we covered.

He was really concerned, but I cut him off and said “don’t worry, I just talk to Robert Scoble when I have an issue with Microsoft.”

He smiled and nodded his head. Bill gets blogging it was a stark contrast to Steve Jobs who is busy suing bloggers to get their sources while knowing full well the impact that could have on freedom of the press. On that note, Steve Jobs was clearly conflictedlooking almost embarrassedwhen he explained his lame reasons for suing bloggers. Jobs says he thought the case could go to the Supreme Court, but you could see the wheels spinning while the audience shock their heads at him in disapproval.

If Steve wins his case what happens when the next Enron whistle blower comes forward? That’s what we’re talking about here, even if the Apple bloggers are reporting on something much less important.

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