$2,000 a day on Google Adsense

Note: If you are coming here from Make Money with Google and Yahoo page (located here: http://www.3500weekly.com/the-google-and-yahoo-secrets.html ) I have nothing to do with that scam. I don’t endorse them or their products, and there is no such thing as making easy money in publishing… we’ve spent a lot of money investing in top-shelf content in order to make $1k a day (and we’re up to much more than that now), but you’re not going to make that kind of money just putting up anything on your page.

On April 7th I reported we broke $1,000 in a single day on Google Adsense and that I was trying to get to the $2,000 a day mark as quick as possible. Yesterday we broke $2,000 for the first time.

We had hit $1,989 two weeks ago, but I didn%uFFFDt want to post until we actually broke the $2,000 number. We%uFFFDre averaging less then $2,000 a day, but when our average gets to $2k that is $730,000 a year which is nice, but much, much, less then we write in checks to our team every

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