What should Amby do? (or “We’re not realy blogging, we’re doing collaborative citizen journalism.”)

Some amazing collaborative citizen journalism is going on over at BloggingBaby.com. You can get the details here (not to mention legal letters!), but to sum it up: some folks posted on a message board that a baby crib caused metal shavings to fall in their baby’s eyes and the company that makes the product say it’s not true. A classic case of he said, she said.

Our bloggers and readers are trying as a group to find the truth. This is really what blogsand good journalismare about: the search for the truth. Blogging is such a bland term what we’re really doing here is CCJ: collaborative citizen journalism. We’re trying to find the truth not as one reporter in a cubicle, but as citizens and parentsif only the company would join the conversation!

The company, AmbyBaby.com took a legal position with us and the parents (from what we’ve been told by the parents), but I’ve been working with them to get more involved in the conversation. Why send legal letters when you could justummmtalk to your clients?

So, I’ve sent the letter below to Amby’s lawyer. What would you do if you were Amby?


Nice speaking with you about Amby last week and I think it’s great that you guys have decided to join the discussion with your statement to BloggingBaby.com.

I was thinking your client Amby might be interested in “joining the discussion” even more. As you know a number of the bloggers and readers are fans of the Amby products and would love to hear from you guys!

Right now the discussion about your product is going on without you (with the exception of the canned statement which is a good start). You should encourage the founders of the company to respond to the comments and even do an interview with the bloggers at BloggingBaby.com.

Additionally, if you wanted to have your client really join the discussion why not have them run a contest/give away and give the 10 readers a free unit and ask them to write a review?

best regards,

CEO, Weblogs, Inc.

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