Microsoft’s Google Maps killer: 45-degree photos”this is really slick.

Note: I’m cross posting this report from the D Conference to the Microsoft and Google blogs. This post is from the personal blog of Jason McCabe Calacanis.

Gates just spent 15 minutes showing off maps at the D conference. It seemed that 75% of Gates’ talk was focused on would-be Google killers and the other 25% on Apple-killers. I’m exaggerating, since Tablet and Windows Media Center having nothing to do with those companies.

He just showed mapping technology that included satellite images just like Google Maps. He then showed putting layers on top of mapsjust like the Google Mash-ups people are doing. No big deal, we’ve seen this before.

Gates said that in their satellite images today one pixel represents one foot. OK, great we know about that as well.

He then talked about a company he has partnered with that that flies planes over cities and takes photos at 45 degrees. He showed flipping a map from a drawing to a satellite to an amazing 45-degree close up photo of a building. Everyone let out a big “ohhhhhhhh.”

It was the first “ohhhhhhhhhhhh” moment of the conference. Steve Jobs’ podcasts in iTunes got no “ohhhhh” except the one that I did under my breath while blogging it.

For my money podcast support is better than 45-degree photos.

Gates also showed off a bunch of search stuff that I’ll blog next.

Update: My main man John Battelle blogged Microsoft Maps as well

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