TVSquad & Cinematical Stats

Did some quick stats on comments vs. blog posts on our two media blogs: TVSquad and Cinematical. This is a rolling five day total (which smooths things out a bit of course you get the dips from the weekend). So, each day is the previous five days added up. The pink line is comments and the blue line is blog posts.

As you can see TVSquad has been peaking out at 350-400 comments over five days (or 70-80 comments a day) recently, while the number of posts over five days is steady at 50 (10 a day).

tvsquad posts and comments

Cinematical has been peaking at 120 comments over five days (24 comments a day) and 80 posts (16 posts a day).

We started using the Star system on the 11th on both sites, so the last two date markers show a little spike which I think is due to people being more motivated to post. I’m interested to see where the trend lines go for comments over the next 30 days. Right now we are looking to move the trend line for posts to 20-25 a day on avearge (which would push the five average to 100-125 from 50 for TVSquad and 80 for Cinematical).


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