CNET doesn’t give credit to blogger (again)

Yesterday I wondered out loud if CNET would give Om credit for breaking the FeedDemon story.You see, the way I figure I’ve got nothing to lose.CNET has already blacklisted Weblogs, Inc. so I might as well call them out for not giving Om credit. Heck, I know they are reading my blog over there maybe they will read the post and give Om some credit.

Now, we all know this isn’t just a mistake we all know about the trent, and some of us have been told to “just take it” by CNET editors. Yeah right, whatever you say CNET.

Well, Om reports today that CNET doesn’t give him credit but Business Week does. Business Week good, CNET baaaaaaaaaad.

Come on CNET, what’s that harm in giving credit? Join the blogosphere come into the blog tentit’s a great party! Living up in that mansion on the hill has to be really boring right?

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