Star System discussion…

Was traveling yesterday, but got back online to find a ton of comments about the Star System we launched across all the Blogsmith blogs yesterday (about half of our blogs have moved to Blogsmith so far the big ones like Engadget, Autoblog, and Joystiq are going to move last).

TUAW (the unofficial apple weblog) had a big discussion, and when they started giving out stars the leader board showed that many folk on TUAW had posted 50 times50 times! That’s amazing we had no idea until we put the leader board up.

People have given me a hard time sayingincorrectlythat Weblogs, Inc. only allows its own blogs on our blogrolls. Not true I have blogroll, BloggingBaby has one, and many of our blogs have them. However, we don’t force our bloggers to do them and we haven’tfranklymade it easy enough for them to do them.

The star system for me is an active blogroll the folks who participate get the links. I can’t imagine what this system will do on something like Autoblog or Engadget, both of which get hundreds of comments a day, thousands a week, and tens of thousands to date.

We’ve got 20 features we’re going to add to it, for now we’re just playing with it.

One interesting thing that came up is would we let someone link to a commercial site as opposed to their blog from the Top Commentators leader board. My feeling that is if it is abusive no (i.e. a Viagra ad or Poker affiliate), but if you work at Microsoft and make the Microsoft IE browser page your link that’s ok with me. Now, on the we’re really gonna have a problem!

In terms of how many stars we give to folks, how often, and how good a comment needs to be in order to get a comment from a blogger, we are leaving that up to our bloggers. I have no idea how this will play out, and they know their readers better then I ever will, so better for them to figure it out in my mind.

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