Quick hits…

Some links I’m reading todayjedi nick

  • My godson Photoshopped in Master Nick (right) for a Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Party. Those crazy kids!

  • Snap Jaffe’s socks for a free book.

  • AdJab is doing more online advertising/ad network (i.e. Google Adsense, Adbrite, etc) coverage.

  • Fred Wilson turns off the image Dodge ads on Google Adsense(we did this too since they were not targeted and started killing our CTR as well!). From what I gather Google isn’t interested in image ads that much, they are doing it just so they have the feature. The truth is users love Google text ads when targeted, they are OK with image ads when targeted, and they hate any ad that is not targeted. Oh yeah, Fred’s trying to get his Podcast going without getting in trouble with ASCAP.

  • Underdog is the top poster on www.TVSquad.com according to the Star System. He’s also #1 on www.Cinematical.com and on the board on www.AdJab.com I guess we have to hire the folks who hit #1!

  • Disturbing trend: People taping fightsor are they starting fights so they can tape them?

  • Maybach Exelero… I’ll take two.

  • The Apple freaksfans at TUAW debate the Star System.

  • BloggingBaby is doing feature-length interviews, like this one with Karie Allison Granju who first book is Attachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Child.

  • I’ve been listening to Dave Winer’s Podcast for the past weekthree on the plane ride last night in fact. Yes, everyone says he’s a jerk but I respect the fact that he has no filter and I think he has good intent. I was thinking if I was going to have a co-host for my Podcast I’d like it to be someone like Winer or Fred Wilson (who used to be on my www.Pseudo.com Radio show all the time).

  • I was listening tothe Howard Stern show on my iPod Shuffle on the plane yesterday and Robin saysshe loved Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Check out my Sith podcast which I taped right after seeing the film. Speaking of which, anyone out there want to blog for a Howard Stern blog?

  • Darren had some good thoughts on the Star System. Darren: I have not given all the details on the system yet, but it does handle automated comment spam. Blogsmith (our blog platform) forcesfolks to validateevery comment via email right now, so if you bomb us with 1,000 comment spams you have to click 1,000 emails. No one has done that yet. Also, if you get -1 Stars that email can never validate againit’s blacklisted. All 75 of our blogs share the same black list so if you get banned on Engadget you’re banned on my blog or Autoblog as well. Was thinking we should let folks API into the Star System some day, so you could say “I trust Jason’s judgement and anyone he bans or rewards I will ban or reward.” Could be big.

  • My two favorite podcasts? http://reelreviewsradio.com and www.coverville.com

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