Weblogsinc’s New Comment Review System: pure genius!

I’ve been getting great IMs and emails all day today about our new star system for blog comments.

The first blog review is up over at PC4Media.. they nailed it, and even guessed at some of the features in the next version.

http://worcester.typepad.com/pc4media/2005/05/weblogsincs _new.html

This is an awesome idea. The only thing that I would tweak would be to allow the other readers to rate the comments. This way, it becomes a community activity and less of a burden on the weblogsinc bloggers and also allows the community to feel ownership over the community.

Nevertheless, I love the aggregated list of top commenters. I love the idea of rewarding people with traffic for getting engaged in a discussion. When I used to comment incessantly on Judith’s social software weblog, I did it partially because I wanted Judith’s attention. I figured commenting (just like blogging) was a form of building relationships and conducting public relations. Although, that may not be weblogsinc’s intentions, this enables startups and other bloggers to get the attention of the well trafficked bloggers in the weblogsinc network.

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