Darth Calacanis

So, as some of you know I’ve been stalked by this really crazy guyhiding out somewhere inEurope. He can’t seem to speak/write very well and he leaves tons of comments on my blog every day under different names. I’m half thinking the whole thing is a joke by someone I know, but the volume of activity is clearly a full-time effort and other folks are being stalked as well (i.e. phone calls to their homes!).

The stalker’sbasicclaim is that I’m a slave master who is taking over the blogosphere you see, I’ve got this massive plan to own all 8 million blogs out there and have everyone in the world either come to work for me or get crushed by my might Jedi Powers!

Sending out dozens and dozens of checks a month to bloggers paying them for writingwhatever they want is obviously evil I mean, I am putting a Light Saber to their head in order to do it (sometimes on the weak bloggers I just use a Jedi mind trick). Clearly no one in the blogosphere has the free will to withstand my Jedi powers!

Anyway, this clearly disturb person is nowdoing cartoons of me I wouldn’t give him the time of day because this person is probably mentally handicapped, but I thought some of my friend might find this funny. As an aside I always looked at myself more as a Boba Fett type then a Sith Lord. 🙂

darth calacanis

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