Google Adsense RSS Image Ad errors…

Dave Winer, who I’ve been debating RSS/blogging/life with for a while now, points to an error in my RSS feed with the Google Adsense images. My bad, we’re fixing it now thanks for pointing it out Dave, we’re on it.

He also points to folks who do excerpt feeds saying they will not put ads in their RSS feedssomething I agree with. You see, if you give just the first two lines of story you will drive folks to your website where you can monetize them. However, we produce feeds with FULL stories. That means you can live in Bloglines, Newsgator, or Feeddemon and NEVER come to our sites. The result? You get all our content and we never make any money. The result of that, of course, is we can’t build a sustainable businesswe go away!

So, I’m leaning on Brian’s tech team to get me a special “Dave Winer” excerpt, ad-free version of all our feeds. I have no problem with headline feeds without ads. As publisher our goal is to give people what ever they want, provided we can get paid for it.

I’m also considering making a $1 a month paid are RSS feed just for Dave so he can read our blogs with full stories and without ads the question is, will Dave give me the $12?!

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