GMAIL Lockdown!

gmail dead

The love affair with GMAIL hit a bump in the road today.

After a month of pure blisswell, with the exception of the gosh darn delete keyI got smacked down today.

I’m not using a third-party program (what 3rd party programs are there anyway?), but my GMAIL has been freaking out recently my Firefox browser has been flashing over and over as if it is reloading the page over and over.

I’m guessing that this reloadingwhich happened all last night since i left GMAIL up on my browserhas caused Google to think I’m doing something suspect.

Anyone else getting locked down today?

Update: Support just sent me a message:


Our system has detected unusual usage of your Gmail account. For your
protection, we have temporarily disabled all access to your account.

If you suspect that the unusual usage of your account has been caused by

One thought on “GMAIL Lockdown!

  1. Please rub my nose in whatever program Chrome has a conflict with. I’m no Computer wizz so I have not the time to spend all day searching for a needle in a haystack.


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