CNET tries to take down Engadget

An Open letter to Molly Wood from CNET who claims that Engadget and other blogs have no ethics.


We follow the same exact ethical standards as the WSJ, NYT, PBS, and NPR. We do not keep review units and we don’t get paid to blog about products. The fact that you’re insinuating we do is absolutely false.

Had you taken the time, as a “journalist,” to call me or do two minutes of research you would have found this out.

The fact that you’re losing scoops has nothing to do with ethics, it has to do with hustlesomething you clearly don’t have since you couldn’t even be bothered to get your facts straight in this editorial.

Blogs are out-hustling you plain and simple. The audience is voting with their eyeballs as are the big companies who appreciate the transparency and passion of blogs.

Interesting how your borderline slanderous piece comes out the day after we published our interview with Bill Gates. You can try attacking us from your ivory tower at CNET all you want, but all it does is strengthen our resolve to work harder.

You don’t own the news, and since you’re so interested in ethics you’ll be happy to know that I’ve launched my own little investigation into ethics at CNET. Anyone with information on ethics at CNET can call me at 310 828 8284 or send me details at jason at calacanis dot com. I encourage my fellow bloggers to join the CNET ethics investigation as well. Feel free to post your CNET stories into the comments below as well and we will research all your claims.

best regards,

CEO, Weblogs, Inc.

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