Walt Mossberg gets it..,

… well, you knew that already, but he really really gets it. Waltor as some of “my” bloggers over TUAW have come to call him “Grandpa“reads not only Engadget (we knew that) but also TUAW. Of course, reading blogs isn’t that big of deal, but Walt has been checking in on the comments and tip forms in a quick format which to me screams that he is rocking out Technorati/Feedster RSS search for Mossberg (which means he just read this).

Also, he gets that fact that the perception is that his columns are locked behind the WSJ walls like the rest of their contentnot true, you can get them at dlink.wsj.com as he explains in the comments.

The backstory: Funny if this had been Silicon Alley Reporter (the print magazine I had started and which is now ownedironicallyby Walt’s bosses at Dow Jones!) and one of *my* writers had tried to call Walt or some other journalist grandpa I would have taken our my red pen of death and said “ummmmm.. no.” If *my* writer had objected I would have given the canned response “start *your* own magazine.” Today I read the posts at the same time as our readers (including Walt) and I never tell folks what to blog (maybe a forwarded tip, never a directive). My how the world has changed (or at least *my* worldit is still my world right?!)

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