Andrew Rasiej for Mayor! (or, at the very least, public advocate)

My old friend Andrew Rasiej is not running for Mayor of New York (yet!) but he is running for Public Advocatethe stepping stone to being Mayor. I’ve known Andrew for the better part of a decade now and I have to say he is perfect for the job: he’s got hustle, heart, and is really smart.

He’s a detail guy and he knows how to listen he can solve problems and he knows how to get people to work together.

So, drop everything and a) go check out his blog and b) if you trust my judgement and like what you see make a donation of $1 to $100he won’t accept any more.

He’s not doing fund raisers, he’s doing friend raisers he wants to be the first guy elected $100 at a time, and if history is any indication he is going to pull it off!


(Run Rasiej Run!)

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