What to do in Paris for five days…

Leaving for Paris with Jade today posted some questions asking “what to do in Paris for five days?” over at the Wiki for the Internet2 conference and got some solid answers.

Here is my first wave of questions:
Where should we stay and why?
What should we do in Paris over five days?
What are the hottest/hippest clubs and bars?
Best place for pain au chocolat ?
Best place to take a picture that you can put on the wall in your office?
What’s the best place to shop for men’s/women’s clothes?
Best place for croque madame?
Best cafe for lunch?
Best place to eat outside?
What’s the best way to get around town: metro, bicycle, walking, scooter or skateboard?
Is there a good place to rent scooters/bikes?
What are the best two/three hour bike rides?

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