My advice: Don’t game Google.

Blog publishing platform WordPress got dinged hard over the last week because they (and people working with themit’s a little fuzzy what exactly happened) put high-paying keywords into the code of their pages which were not about the keywords. Basically, they started a bunch of pages designed to get highpaying keywords, and those pages were not about the topics they were supposed to be about.

Matt, who’s a really cool dude, wrote a response and basically apologises for the whole mess.

I’ve told people this over and over: don’t try to game Google/Yahoo/MSN/etc. They will catch you, ban you, and you’ll have egg on your face.

Brian and I discussed this when we started Weblogs, Inc. and we decided that we would spend no time and effort on trying to game the search engines. We do the standard stuff, like name our pages correctly, and I think we throw in the metatags, but we’re not trying to get mortgage listings on every post at bloggingbaby or TVSquad. We do get them on the Mortgage Blog, where they belong!

If you want to work with Google be good and they will be good to you, if you screw with them and have any kind of success screwing with them they will catch you and they will take you out of the crawlas they should.

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