Blogs I read…

Some blogs I follow are easy to explain I read Fred and Brad since they were some of the first guys I ever met in the biz, I respect their opinions, and they are writing about companies like Weblogs, Inc. In some ways I have to read their blogs. One thing I realized is that although I’ve known Fredand worked with his wifeI’ve learned more about him in the past six months of his blog then I did over eight years of hanging out with him. That’s powerful

Other blogs I can’t explain why I read them Wil Wheaton’s blog is about his life. Like his cats, family, and the ups and downs as a actor. Really no tangable benifit from reading his blog in terms of business, but I read it as much as I read anyone else’s blog because he is a) a good writer and b) he’s totally honest. If he’s bummed about losing a part he says itthat’s got to be hard to do in some ways, write about failures, but it also has to be really freeing. I question sometimes if failure really even exists. Seems to me like failure is just the temporary state of affairs that freqently comes before success.

Due to his honesty I know more about Wil then many of my close friends that’s the magic of blogs I think, creating deep bonds with people.

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