To the folks at GMAIL, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE place a “Move to Trash” button to the top level of GMAIL, and please make the quick key “T” trash a message the same way Y archives a message.

People have speculated that GMAIL makes it take three clicks to get to “Move To Trash” because you want to force folks to archive stuff so they have more stuff to search. More searches means more Google Adsense revenue so I understand we all love Google Adsense revenue. It fine that you like to work archive style, BUT I LIKE TO TRASH MAIL and I don’t want to change my style.

It’s very un-Google to force me to archive stuff when I like to trash stuff it feels kind of, what’s the word mmmm evil? Forcing a UI down my throat is like a media players making themselves the default media player and adding themelves to my “load at startup” list.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix this feature. Everyone hates it!!! The interface is supposed to work FOR USERS not AGAINST them!

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