Great story on Focus Ads

Nick called our Focus Ads bold to the point of foolhardy, but they are working. Sure, you have to have tough skin as an advertiser if you use them because someone willnot might, will, take you and/or your product/service apart in them.

However, if you’re a forward-looking person, and you like consumer feedback Focus Ads are the most amazing bang for the marketing buck. Imagine being able to run a free focus group with each advertisement, well that is what we’re doing.

Imediaconnection, I site I read all the time, has a great story on Focus Ads… the ups and downs of the program, and where it is headed. I love the fact that consumers are talking to marketers and that our blogs are the platform. Here is a snip:

What’s in it for either party?
Why run a Focus-Ad if you’re an advertiser especially when you’re opening yourself up to possible public criticism or negative word-of-mouth? According to Shawn Gold of Weblogs, advertisers participate because, “they believe in their brands and are willing to improve them through the feedback of enthusiasts.”

But clearly, based on the number of comments regularly posted regarding the look/feel and effectiveness of the ads themselves, it’s not just about product feedback. Gold agrees. “The Idea is to elicit comments on the offer <I>and<I> the product/service to create a learning experience for both reader and advertiser. For some advertisers the comments lean more toward the message. Based on what we’ve seen, it appears there is a real opportunity to use this system for message testing.”

So, do consumers who respond to Focus-Ads actually have the power to influence the way products are promoted and even manufactured? The answer is yes, according to David Harris, e-business manager at American Suzuki. “We are in a new marketing environment that is based on consumer empowerment, and blogs are at the forefront of that movement,” said Harris in a recent press release. “Focus-Ads allow us to reach auto enthusiasts and gain valuable insight on how they perceive our products and the way we promote them.”

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