’s long, hard climb…

Starting a blog about TV is a really, really crazy thing to do there are so many great sites that have been out there for yearslike five to ten years! However, is off to an amazing start, as is our film blog

These two blogs are going to take a year or two to build up however, that is how the media game works, you got to be willing to spend three or four years building a brand to get it to any significant level of traffic. I was impressed when came out for this reason general news is a really low paying advertising vertical (look a DrudgeReporter, it’s filled with Classmates and punch the monkey ads!). Nick is taking a three to five year approach with Sploid because a) he is going to have to invest in three editors to update the blog around the clock (it doesn’t really work if there are more then 8 hours off), and b) he is going to have to get to millions of page views a *DAY* in order to get any decent amount of advertising revenue. It’s not like cars, gadgets, or travel where there are built in advertisers, nope, it’s a scale game. Which to me makes the move even more impressive/dangerous. Bottom line: the professional blog publishing game is getting much more serious people are investing for the long term and that is a good thing.

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