$1,000 a day!

UPDATE: Just found out we’re not supposed to say our eCPM and CTR so I removed those from the blog post.

I’ve been totally falling in love with Google Adsense like Chris has. Chris gets an amazing CTR and eCPM from what I’ve heard, but some of his pages ouchthat have three huge ads surrounding two sentences. That’s a little over the top for me, but more power to Chris I just think that much AdSense will really upset the readers. Then again, Chris does great, free content so I guess people are OK with it.

We’ve elected to spread the adsense out across the pages and have 20-40x the content as Adsense my old-school, reader-driven publisher sense tells me that the reason blogs are doing so well is because they don’t kill folks with ads. Who knows, I could be wrong and maybe we will leave a whole bunch of cash on the table by not having two mediun rectangles stacked to the right of our blog posts with no border on them however, I really care about how the page looks.

We did some optimization over the past 10 days and we’re now breaking $1,000 a day with a REMOVED% clickthrough at $REMOVED CPM. across all 75 blogs. Of course, some blogs have a horrible CPM like video games (which is really confusing to me, maybe it’s because there are too many video game sites out there?), and others are doing over $REMOVED CPMs (I’l leave out which ones for obvious reasons my transparency does have limits ya know!).

How does that stat line sound to folks? REMOVED% CTR and $REMOVED eCPM?

Anyone have tips on how to increase that CTR/eCPM? (we took the borders up, that seemed to boost thing 5-10%).

It’s such a nice feeling to know that if we have an advertiser cancel, or we start a new blog without an advertiser, we have revenue coming in the door.

We’re considering an Overture/Yahoo Publisher test soon anyone have any experience with them? Comments are open below.

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