The Annotated New York Times…

This is a cool idea a top-level look at all the blog posts that link to NYT stories. The New York Times can’t do this for many obvious reasons, but it’s cool that someone has taken the time. I bet 10% of the traffic will be from the NYT officesa good thing! Feedback makes you better, that’s the bottom line.

However, they should not list the full posts from each blog without asking for and getting permission. Rather, they should put the first 100 words of the blog post and link back to the publisher so the BLOGGER gets the value of the visit. There is no reason for Blogrunner to take all that traffic it’s not their trafficthe traffic for the FULL POST belongs to the writer.

I’m sure when enough folks point this out they will fix it i would say it was illegal, but legal doesn’t drive the blogosphere right nowpeer pressure does.

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