FeedBurner gets funding…

My old friend Brad Feld just invested in Feed Burner… which is a cool service to add advertisements to your RSS feeds however, I don’t see this being a great play because the word on the street is that Google Adsense for RSS is coming soon (I don’t have any inside info on this word has been on the street for months now), and Overture for RSS is out already.

I think the play is to be a metrics company for RSS feeds sort of like, uhhh, well you know those companies that sell software for looking at you log files like WebTrends. I like that a lot the “we’re going to beat Google Adsense/Yahoo Publisher Network because we have a six month head start” I don’t think is realistic.

I would pay $2,000 for a software package we could put on our server to measure RSSno more then that. Anyone sell an RSS analytics package I can run on our WIN server ping me!

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