Google AdSense is impressivereally impressive.

We started playing with it in September and three days ago I relized that we broke the $100,000 mark. Sounds like a lot of money I know, however when you’ve got 70+ bloggers making a couple of hundred to a over a thousand each monthmonth after monthit’s really not that much money. Goolge reported during their analyst day that we were doing $600 a day in AdSense. We’ve increased that a little every month for the past three without putting ads everywhere in fact right now if you page down three or four times only 15% of our screens are advertising (although there are a lot up top).

The fact that we can put Google AdSense on our site and make money from unused inventory while we sleep is just amazing to me. There seem to be over 100 ad networks out there right now, and we get calls from us every day, but the problem is they don’t have the 400,000 advertisers that Google has. So, if we run them on our 75 blogs we might get ugly Classmates and LowerMyBills advertisements half the time with Google Adsense it is targeted 99% of the time.

In fact, Google Adsense is so targeted I look at them as CONTENT! I think that is the greatest part of it if you’re looking at the new Mustang at Autoblog, The Shield at TVSquad, or Great Whites at Divester you get ads about buying a Mustang, The Shield DVDs, and shark-diving tourshow could you not click!?

When will we break a million is my next thought oh, wait, the WSJ says advertisers are scared of blogs, we should all go home now. 🙂

I love this game… 🙂

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