Why I love gmail… and why i’ve stopped using outlook and will soon stop using WORD (Scoble?)

1. now 2 gig.. w00t!
2. free
3. best spam filter in the worldhands down
4. best WYSI in the worldhands down
5. fastest web-based email in the worldhands down
6. best web-based spell check in the worldhands down. Wish Blogsmith had it wish Google would sell it to developers. anyone know of a great spell check for developers to add to web-based tools.
7. save draft is instant. love it. wish our WYSI for Blogsmith had that feature!
8. quick keys
9. pop access

things i don’t like:

1. move to trash is hard to get to you have to use a drop down. i use that more then anything there should be a trash icon on every single message.
2. grouping i wish you could toggle this on and off sometime i love the toggle.. most times i wish it would go away.

i stopped using outlook express which i’ve used for 9 years or so because gmail is so fast and the WSYI is sooooooo good.

i wish they would make the WYSI into a word processor and document locker then i would stop using WORD!


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