Why I’m in Atlanta…

… well, the word is out on a couple of my friend’s blogs (thanks guys!), so I might as well come out with it: CNN just signed an agreement to aquire Weblogs, Inc.

Yeah, I know it’s huge and people are wondering why we would sell Weblogs Inc. so early and why on earth would we sell it to CNN. First of all, you have probably seen the news that CNN is moving back to Atlanta and I love Atlanta, but the real reason is the opportunityit was just to great.

Starting May 1sta month from todayI’ll be taking over as director of programming for CNN. We’re going to be the first blog news network, and we’ve already revamped the lineup.

Jeff Jarvis will be relaunching Cross Fire with co-host Anna Marie Cox. Jeff has agreed to fawn, flirt, and blush every time Cox says something. We’ve made special arrangements to allow for Cox to drink and curse during the show (and you should see what she demanded for her dressing roomwhat a diva that one!).

Xeni from Boingboing will be replacing Larry King, her first guest will be the Reverse Cowgirl, Neil Armstrong, and the first person to ever boot Linux on a Poptart (wOOt!). We will be taking some risks as well. For example, I’ll be doing a new show titled “People’s Ethics Police.” PEP Squad, as we’re calling it, will be shot in the style of Cops. My team will break in on unethical folks when they least suspect it. In the first show we catch a BzzAgent hosting a sausage party for his unsuspecting friends (thank God for the BLEEP button and pepper spray, cause that was one angry BzzAgent!). We also break in on Marc Canter signing up school kids to start Xanga blogs for KOOL UltraLights he actually defends it saying “hey man, you can’t tell this kids not to smoke or blog about smoking DUDE it’s called freedomwe don’t need no thought control!”

Lockhart, Dobkin, Krukoff and Spiers will be taking the late night slot in what we’ve pitched as the LES version of The View. We’re going to be taping it in the back room at the Magician and Krukoff and Lock are fighting over who gets to play the Lisa Ling role.

Please let me know your suggestions for shows in the comments below still trying to find a role for Joel from Gizmodo but he won’t get a hair cut and put on a decent shirtwhat can you do. Who else should we bring in to the network and what would their show be? I’ll be giving shares in CNN to those who come up with the best ideas. I did mention the new model of CNN is to share revenue with the hosts, paying them a bonus based on ratings right?

I’m sure we will look back on this the same way we looked at last years April 1st announcement, with joy and hope for the future. Thank you to everyone for their support.

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