We still suck, just not as much

We are not down today, but we are veryveryslow. The problems are getting solved, and our team at LogicWorks is trying there best to help us, but the results are still lame.

The tech team here at Weblogs, Inc. and LogicWorks are still not being proactive enough in my mind. We’re still stuck in this “I think we solved it” mode, which makes me crazy. Why not go above and beyond what we think might, if we’re lucky, result in us being up the next day.

I’ve implored them for a week to throw hardware at the problem, but tech folks seems to not like that brute force approach. They always want to solve the problem, which is nice but stupid. Why solve a problem you could just avoid with an extra pair of servers?

If eight days ago we had just put in two extra servers we would be up and running this whole time, and we could have done research on the problems with the benifit of extra firepower.

Right now we’re showing up to a gun fight with a knife and that’s just dumb. Tonight we add two new web servers I’m hoping it helps, but I’m not convinced.

WeWeblogs, Inc. and LogicWorksstill suck.

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