Journalism is broken… (or writing stories from the headline down, not the facts up)

… I get a call from a fact-checking intern who wants to know some facks about me for a story in the New York Press today. However, I’ve never spoke with anyone over there about the story, so I ask the person this and she says we can’t tell you want the story is!

Hello? You’re writing about me but you can’t tell me about what? Wow. great fact checking over there. I ask the intern who wrote the story, but she can’t tell me that. She can’t tell what it’s about, the title, or transfer me to someone else she hangs up!

Combine that with the alarmist “ the sky is falling” headline in the WSJ and I’m wondering why I even talk to traditional journalists. Every time they call they have their story written and they are just looking for facts which support their argumentdropping the ones that don’t.

The fact that they still writing the story from the headline down then from the facts up is such an advantage to bloggers as they said on the Daily Show, all bloggers have on their side is the facts.

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