PC Forum; Trumba presents ho-hum calendar solution.

I’m in the Trumba presentation sitting next to David Weinberger.

Bullet point paraphrasing (this are my random notes and not a transcription of the presentation).

– Trumba is group, individual, and company calendaring software
– Trumba is a Sardinian word for a little horn that would be blown in the town square to announce events.
– The founder of Trumba, Jeremy Jaech, says he had previously started Pagemaker and sold his last firm Visio to Microsoft. Kliener Perkins is an investor.
– Jeremy says folks put their group calendars on the refrigerator right now.
– Note to self: Yahoo Calendar has this ability to do everything they have shown so far. You can also do group scheduling on Outlook, so I’m not sure what is new about this. Also, http://www.eCal.com spent a ton of money trying to do this.
– This didn’t work in the past because people didn’t have persistent connections.
– 70% of people who use an online calendar also use a print version.
– Note to self: One cool feature so far is it shows calendar groups you belong to on the left hand tool bar of your calendar.
– This is a web-based service you can synch with Outlook.
– One cool feature is that when you add a group event to your calendar it is not just a copyit’s pulling from the original. So, if I pulled your bookclub calendar on my schedule it would have the latest data you entered all the time. That is kind of cool, but not a ton of value.
– The Interface looks like a photocopy of Yahoo calendar. In fact, I thought they were showing Yahoo when I first saw them pull it up.
– One new thing they have done is taken the Upcoming.org function of local event publishing and combined it with their calendar system. So, you can easily publish the dates of your next community play, letting folks add those dates to their calendar.

Update: I asked them what the difference was between this and the Yahoo Calendar. Didn’t have a much of an answer beyond “no ads” that’s lame. These guys are smart they have to know that what they have shown is nothing new. There must be some other killer feature they are working on. My guess is they want to get a piece of selling tickets to local events or something. This makes no sense why would anyone pay for something they can get for free at Yahoo Calendar.

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