PC Forum: Company presentations

Now for my favorite part of PC Forum the company presentations. Actually, right now Esther is giving each of the entrepreneurs the ability to give a mini-presentation (2 minutes in length) to promote their longer presentation later today. Here are my notes heavy paraphrasing here.


Jeremy Jaech, President and CEO of Trumba is presenting. Their tag line is “Bring it all together,” which refers to their mission of building calendars for groups of people.
Jeremy did not invoke the long tail.

Brian Dear
Brian asked (heavy paraphrase here): Have you ever found out about an event you would have gone to after it had already occurred? Ever wonder what is going on in a building you’re standing outside of? Brian Pitched his company as the “the long tail of events”

The future of search is “find”
Envoked the “long tail of search results” three times.
Says they are working with Walmart to provide smaller, more targeted lists.

RFID company. RFID chips are now the size of a grain of sand and will soon cost a penny to produce. No power source on board. Tens of billions will be deployed annually, and will be replacing bar codes. More power then an 8086 PC from the early 80s.

Spinner founders pitching Grouper, a sharing application they started after wanting to share their Burning Man photos and media. They say the product social networking+P2P software. Stream music from your friend’s collection just like being in their living roomthe RIAA is gonna love that one.

They are helping doctors do a better job diagnosing diseasesI think. The mini-presentation was a little disjointed. I’ll get more details on it if I make

Our old pal Jeremy Allaire is doing a demo of Brightcove, a new platform for sharing and monetizing video on the web. They are basically building the infrastructure for content providers to host, delivery, and charge for their video. Evan called his podcasting platform ODEO an Audible for the people, it seems Brightcove is a video-based Audible for the people.

This guy gave a rambling presentation about how they had cracked the code of personal assistants. People looked really confused as this guy went through buzzword after buzzword and how they had done what no one else had ever done.

Said he has the faster, most secure, and best browser in the world. He asked folks if they used their browser on their phoneonly a handful raised their hands. He says he is making a world-class browser for phones that are much better then the sad WAP-based browsers.

Our friend Joe Kaus from JotSpot gave his canned speech about how people use Excel for lists and databases instead of making applications, and how JotSpot solves those problems.

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