PC Forum 2005: EVDB demos vision for events and venues database. all open, all the time.


is the Flickr/Criagslist of events

– EVDB stands for the events and venue database. Horrible name, but four characters is good.
– One problem with calendars on the web: Scale. Calendars are too big to fit well on the web.
– Other problem: Inconsistent user interface, hard to read, often outdated, no syndication, and hard to find.
– Editors note: the speaker’s claims are only half true so far. 1. There is the VCAL standard for data. 2. There are many event search databases like upcoming.org and Craigslist, however none have critical mass. 3. What could be more consistent then the calendar format? I mean, we all know a calendar when we see it right?
– the life of events: logistics/planning, promotion, discovery, registration/ticketing.
– EVDB is building a database of event venues. BizBash has a database like this right now. Users would be able to annotate this database to give information about things like parking.
– EVDB is bring built like a wiki, and they are enabling it with an API so folks can pullout the data and play with it.
– EVDB is indexing all the Meetup data
– EVDB is free, free, free!
– EVDB has a “baby del.icio.us” feature where you can quickly add links.
– EVDB supportsyou guessed ittags.

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