PC Forum 2005: Brightcove, the people’s video version of Audible

My old pal Jeremy Allaire is showing off Brightcovethe people’s video Audible. This product is just ahead of it’s timea good thing! The top 20% of the Internet audience is downloading video content like crazy on bit torrent, as well as viral/dumb videos at ebaumsworld.com.

Jeremy gave an example using famous ski video producer Warren Miller’s content. This is an exampleWarren Miller didn’t approve this. The example plays videos in Flash and uses web services to pull thumbnails from a database. Obviously they are going after the Flickr API momentum so that people can pull the data and present it however they like (think on a set-top box, a phone, etc).

You can subscribe to Brightcove’s content provider video and Brightcove manages all of that. Brightcove has a video download tool (sort of like iPodder or Bittorrent) that lets you download content in the background.

He also showed how the system would work on Windows Media Center PCs. Cool stuff.

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