SXSW to eTech, to PC Forum

I had a great time at SXSW speaking on three panels. The topics were marketing, making money from advertising, and journalism vs. blogging. Had a great time because I have nothing to sell and could really just tell it like it is. There were also a bunch of great parties. The event is very media driven, with blogs and podcasts being the driving force.

Last night I got into San Diego from Austin for eTech. This conference if by and for programmers. So, the focus tends to be what platform things were built on and hacking stuff. Much different then SXSW. The focus so far has been tags (as in tags).

After a quick 48 hours in New York City (Friday and Sat), I’ll be in Arizona for Esther Dyson’s PC Forum. This conference covers the space from the investment and entrepreneurial side.

I’ve totally lost my voice at this point, but I’m having a great time. More to come.

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